Don’t wait for the future to arrive. The future is now.

Simplify and streamline your insurance payments with real-time delivery methods powered with AI & ML.

Piie establishes a frictionless, faster payments implementation for insurance companies.

By using Piie's instant reconciliation across real-time payment rails and eliminating paper checks and processing fees, insurers save
40-60% of their expenses.
The speed with which Piie can rapidly map any claims data to an ISO 20022 payments engine and onto any bank or payments clearing system is unprecedented. Plus, cybersecurity is managed through tokenization.
Whether a customer, an insurance agent or a beneficiary, the overall experience of processing a claims payment is dramatically improved through digital engagement via mobile apps.

Receive claims faster
& premium payments

Claim Payments
Paper checks are a thing of the past. With Piie, your claims are processed swiftly and electronically, thanks to intelligent routing and payment integrations.
Commission Payouts
Piie provides real time payment options using a digital interface. Agents can easily keep track of their commission payments with the dashboard.
Bill Payments
Piie will soon offer the option of an improved, instantaneous bill pay through our digital mobile apps.

"Powered up with
ISO 20022 standards"

Piie’s interoperability means it can connect to any payments clearing
system globally, offering easy solutions to your global payment needs.

ISO coverage of payment types in over 70 countries
ISO coverage for transaction volume by 2025
ISO coverage for transaction value globally by 2025

Why does this matter?

We had a house leak from our washing machine when I was on active duty in Kuwait while my wife took care of our four month old child. It was a very stressful time for us. One of the worst parts of this process was waiting to get the estimate and to receive appropriately covered care from our insurance company. It took almost 10 days for the check to arrive so we could remedy an problem that was not of our own making. Anything that can help to improve the quality and efficiency of funding to pay things off at these crucial times would be amazing. Piie is the solution for this problem.

Transaction through Intelligent Automation

Piie eliminates slow, inefficient manual processes involved with financial transactions through AI-driven automation, so posting and reconciling transactions become error-free.

Automation with
robust risk controls

With Piie, outgoing transactions remain fraud free with specially-programmed AI that monitors and catches suspicious payments within certain limits and thresholds. Its automation uses the latest standards for business process modeling, so your payments are executed swiftly and accurately.

Realtime cashflow

Eliminate delays for deposits and withdrawals associated with traditional payment methods.

Status tracking and notification

Unlike older batch-based legacy systems, Piie ensures your payment can be tracked at any given point in a transaction, offering control and security back to the customer where it belongs.

Digital engagement for consumer and business

As the U.S. Postal Service sees a decline in efficiency and speed, mailed paper checks are at an increased risk of slow delivery, resulting in dissatisfied customers. With Piie, digital payment rails are the solution to a current and future problem for insurance companies and consumers.