An intelligent payment engine for insurance companies.

Piie is a payments platform that streamlines the payment processes between core systems and financial institutions with real-time payment rails that bring modern instantaneous banking solutions to challenges within insurance payment processes.

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Future of digital payments

Your company’s payment infrastructure is revitalized right where it is, using real-time automation and AI to send money where it needs to go…fast.

Reduce 80% of manual efforts

Processing checks is expensive and requires manual intervention during the process – while most companies’ multiple systems and apps creates needless fragmentation, while paper checks can get lost in the mail, resulting in long wait-times for those checks to process. Piie’s frictionless integration modernizes the way your company does banking, reducing cost and speeding up payouts for your customers.

40% - 60%
cost savings

By eliminating the need for paper checks, manual processes and the back-office operations associated with it, Piie’s unique payment platform will help you model and recognize the estimated savings in record time based on automation of those manual processes.

Expand your reach

Piie uses algorithmic customer matching with a high degree of accuracy to expand the digital reach for your customers in order to improve their payments experience.

Modern & safe
payment automation

Piie relies on a digital strategy of applying artificial intelligence for its customer engagement and uses robust risk controls to eliminate potential fraud. Whether your customer is a small business or a single consumer, everyone can benefit.

Today's challenge

Why trust Piie?

Crafted by a team of tech-industry veterans with decades of first-hand experience with digital payments, Piie’s AI-based engineering helps your company stay up to date with digital engagement for your customers without the need for costly upgrades to your system. Additionally, Piie is an ever-growing product with future plans on adopting new payment rails as they become available. Whether relying on current payment rail methods or future ones, adopting Piie into your company’s core system is a low-to-zero cost move.  

Your digital assets
are safe with us

Our strong banking experience in cyber security and payments controls, combined with the latest in technology such as Tokenization, end-to-end encryption and API security protocols are in place to simplify regulatory compliance and keep up with the latest trends in payment security.

Default payment mode

In a new updated interface, users can now make payouts faster than ever before by setting up the default payment mode, which eliminates the payment selection time and directs the payment to your bank account.

Transaction tracking

Piie’s unique payment tracking ability offers your customers peace of mind knowing they can easily locate their money, establishing transparency and trust between you and your client base.

Seamless experience through all devices

Whether using the app on your smartphone or on your PC, Piie’s user interface experience remains smooth and easy to use, such as our mobile app that features auto filing of payment methods via camera phone. Guided by AI, Piie’s frictionless, modern experience is developed for the busy user of today.

Piie’s design principle

Piie’s strong design points are examples
of intelligent engineering

Highly scalable and event-driven microservices architecture.

ISO 20022-based industry standard payments data model.

AI-driven payment routing, enabling secure and fast payments.

Highly secure, open API for easy integration through an API management platform.

Payments orchestrator with a robust, flexible & customizable payments flow.

End-to-end encryption; encrypted & secure payments data vault.

Modern, secure, customizable, and light-weight user interface for an unparalleled user experience.

Metadata & configuration-driven integration delivers a rapid time to market for adoption of modern digital payments.

Addressable market

Piie is a flexible payments-as-a-service platform built for streamlining and simplifying complicated payment infrastructures with plans to service insurance, government, construction, and health care sectors.

Insurance sector

This industry sees around 80% of claim payouts via paper checks.

Government & 
public sector

93% of American citizens believe that the government should offer digital and online payment options. Indeed, the impact of Covid-19 has significantly slowed government check-based disbursements.  

Construction sector

70% of B2B payment volume is by paper check. Incidentally, large firms in the construction industry are eight-to-ten times more likely to use digital payments than small firms.

Healthcare sector

Expenditures on processing of bills, claims, payments total $300 billion yearly, often utilizing slow checks and manual processes.